Castelvetrano Olives (Nocellara Del Belice D.O.P) 500g

Castelvetrano Olives (Nocellara Del Belice D.O.P) 500g


500g of our finest Il Belice Nocellara Castelvetrano Olives.


Ideal for snacking and great for cocktails.


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  • Product Description

    These green olives from the belice valley have a unique and crunchy taste. Using our traditional Castelvetrano method, they are cured in lye for several hours to reduce the bitter taste of raw, fresh olives, and then thoroughly washed and packed in brine ready to be eaten.

  • Characteristics

    The outside of these green olives has a crisp and crunchy texture whilst the inner flesh has a medium soft, almost buttery consistency similar to an avocado.


    The flavour is really mild and they are without the bitterness generally associated with green olives. This is down to the Castelvetrano curing process.

  • Storage

    Keep refrigerated after opening.